How Much Bed Rest Is Important During Pregnancy

Wow Much Bed Rest Is Essential During Pregnancy

Pregnancy means a lot of bed rest, relaxation and a happy time. But too much of resting during pregnancy can make your arms and limbs stiff. Also, this can make you gain a lot of weight for entire 9 months of the pregnancy journey. Hence there is a certain limit of bed rest is very much needed. But This does not mean your pregnancy phase will mostly be sent on the doing idle stuff only. So, before knowing how much time you need to spend on a bed, you should know why bed rest is important during pregnancy. (Also Read: 4 Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts That May Surprise You)

Why bed rest is important during pregnancy:
Do not worry if your doctor is advising you for bed rest during pregnancy. The basic reason is your baby can not bear too much of womb movements. She also needs some rest. All pregnant women have to take the best rest. Resting your body and mind help the baby to grow faster. If your mind is resting as you are sleeping, your body systems can work more efficiently which will trigger the baby systems to grow more.

Wow Much Bed Rest Is Essential During Pregnancy

What does Bed Rest mean During Pregnancy?
Best rest during pregnancy means, resting or sleeping for a limited time in a day. Do not overdo this. Talk to your doctor and fix the timings. This actually helps you to limit your day to day activities like cooking, driving, travelling etc. In some cases, there may be the chances of hospitalization. That time may be the doctor asks you not to move even for your basic hygiene. Do not panic, this can be a reason for the relocation of the baby. This happens to many women. That is why doctors warn pregnant ladies to stop climbing too much of stairs, driving cars, travelling in any kinds of vehicle, etc. (Also Read: Five Things To Avoid For Keeping Your Baby Safe During Pregnancy)

How much of bed rest is important during pregnancy:
Well, the amount of bed rest depends on person to person. If your doctor has advised you not to move at all, then do not do this. Just move for your basic hygiene. There may be a reason that you have told to do so. But nothing to worry about. Resting may help you to overcome the complication. But in other ways, if you are unnecessarily taking rest, then you may make your arms and limbs stiff as your entire body muscles are strengthened this time because of the baby bump. So, you need to do some amount of exercises and yoga. You can even join pregnancy aerobics to make your entire body fit and healthy. You can even go for walking twice a day. But simultaneously keep resting. A limited amount of rest can give you immense health benefits. So, consult this with your doctor and maintain a certain amount in resting and activating yourself. (Also Read: Tips For Fathers To Help Her During Labour)

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