How Loud Music Or Noise During Pregnancy Can Affect The Baby

How Loud Music or noise During Pregnancy Can Effect The Baby

Pregnancy brings a lot of dos and don’ts. Your every activity has some positive and negative effects on your baby. In that case, loud music or noise have a trail of negative impacts on your baby’ health. That is why during pregnancy, mothers should avoid going to pubs, concerts or to a very noisy place. However, soothing and soft music can give a calming effect to both mother and the baby. But if the music crosses 120 decibels, it may cause hearing loss in the babies. Hence, have a look at the following and know how loud music or noise can affect the baby inside the womb. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Should Stop Working During Pregnancy)

It causes the hearing problem:
If the mother is exposed to 85 decibels of sound up to 8 hours a day it can cause hearing problems in the baby. After the 20th week, the baby develops the inner, middle, and outer ear and that is why the vibration of the music reduces the hearing ability of the baby.

Imposes stress:
If the exposure of music is too much and constant, it can impact the baby in the womb of the mother. It can cause abnormal social behaviours after the birth of the baby. Moreover, loud noise and music can lead to hormonal or blood composition in the baby too. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Climb Stairs During Pregnancy)

Birth defects:
Excessive loud music constantly leads to birth defects in babies. It restricts the natural fetal development. This, in fact, develops stress and hypertension in the mother also. Apart from being slow learners, the babies can develop high cortisol level too later on in their life.

Risk of having a premature birth:
It causes premature birth. It causes a discomfort to the baby. So, the baby tries to be more active and movable during this time. The baby can even turn upside down and create labour issues. Hence, it may lead to a premature birth of the baby.

Affects the brain of the baby:
If the mother is exposed to a loud noise for a longer time, this may affect the baby’s brain. It restricts the normal development of the fetus and may lead to birth defects like mental disabilities. (Also Read: What Are The Things To Avoid When You Are Breast feeding A Baby)

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