Four Household Tasks To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Household Tasks To Avoid During Pregnancy


Pregnancy brings a lot of responsibilities. During this phase, you just can not do whatever you want to do this time you need to take care of yourself. As you are carrying a baby weight within you, your entire body muscles and veins are being stretched. That is why doing any household work in wrong methods can stiffen your spine and muscles. Hence, you should be well aware of whatever you are doing during this amazing phase of life. (Also Read: Step by step guidance to lift objects during pregnancy)

Let us have a look what are the household tasks you should avoid doing during pregnancy:

Lifting heavy bags:
Shopping bags are generally heavy, especially if it is a grocery bag. If you try to lift the bag there would be a huge pressure on your hand muscles. This might strain your belly and your lower back both. Moreover, there would be chances to get a back injury which is extremely bad for your pregnancy.

Usage of harsh chemicals in cleaning:
Many of us use harsh chemicals to clean our kitchen ingredient such as the oven, microwave, chimnies etc. But during pregnancy cleansing, all these with a harsh chemical can be bad for your health. You are actually exposing yourself to the noxious fumes that can be injurious to your baby’s health. In this case using natural ingredients would be a great idea. You can take a lemon, vinegar and baking soda to clean your dirty items. (Also Read: Breathing exercise every pregnant women should practise)

Climbing the ladder:
You might feel that the ceiling fan is dirty. But if you are pregnant, don’t ever think of cleaning the fan as you have to climb the heights to clean it. Also, while getting something from the upper cupboard, you should not try to reach there. Slipping from the ladder is not something good. There are extra chances of falling in your case as you are carrying some extra weight into your womb. So, think about your baby and do not do such alarming house tasks.

Floor mopping:
You should avoid mopping the floor during pregnancy. Mopping or sweeping the floor can strain your hamstrings easily. Also, cleaning the entire floor can be extra tiring for you. To avoid this, you can ask someone else to do this task. (Also Read: Tips to combat sleepless night during pregnancy)

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