Dangerous Effects Of Passive Smoking During Pregnancy

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Dangerous Effects Of Passive Smoking During Pregnancy

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Passive smoking is the reason for enormous numbers of illness in our body. Even passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. It can affect a pregnant woman vastly. Toxins present in the smoke can enter the bloodstream of pregnant ladies. Moreover, it increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and ectopic pregnancy. The more exposure to passive smoking can increase the risk. Even, when the risk of miscarriage and birth complications happen, doctors diagnose it as the effect of active smoking. But women have the effect of passive smoking only. Hence, here are some side effects of passive smoking during pregnancy written below. Hope this helps. (Also Read: How Much Bed Rest Is Important During Pregnancy)

Exposure to passive smoking can cause infertility. The smoke can also cause errors in the chromosome, which affect the reproductive outputs. Smoking prevents embryo fragmentation which determines the survival advantage to embryos genetically altered.

Low Birth weight:
If a pregnant lady is a passive smoker then there are chances of having the baby weight lighter than usual. Several studies say that there is a clear association between passive smoking and low birth weight (LBW). The father of the baby and other family members have to understand the harmful effects of Tobacco and other products like this. However, not just only to reduce the birth weight, but also to enhance susceptibility to respiratory diseases and changes in the immune system. (Also Read: Five Things To Avoid For Keeping Your Baby Safe During Pregnancy)

Birth Defects:
Passive smoking can bring birth defects in babies. The toxins present in the smoke can make limb reduction defects, oral clefts, eye defects, clubfoot, gastrointestinal effects etc. Many doctors and researchers say that the relationship between birth defects and secondhand smoking are related to each other. Smoking Tobacco is often responsible for intrauterine growth restriction and the risk of congenital abnormality for babies.

Premature birth:
Premature birth is one of the most common factors of passive smoking. Smoker mothers are five times more likely to develop the risk of premature labour. Also, passive smokers have higher risk factors than nonsmokers for anaemia, hypertension etc. (Also Read: Tips for working women during pregnancy)

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