Why is breastfeeding good for the health of the mother

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Why is breastfeeding good for the health of the mother

Breasting not only helps the baby to get all the essential nutrients from teh body of the mother but also helps the mother. It is often adviced that a mother should breastfeed the baby for an initial period of 6 months. It helps to boost the immunity of the baby and keep him/her safe. However, it is good for the body of the mother too in many natural ways. Mother’s breastfeed is teh perfect magical portion of food for the baby. Besides this, feeding her baby with breastmilk is a blessing for a mother too. Here are some of the benefits of breastfeeding for the body of the mother. (Also read: What are the foods one should avoid while breastfeeding the baby)

Why is breastfeeding good for the health of the mother?

Helps to beat the deficiency of iron: Deficiency of iron is one of the most common problems that mothers face after the delivery. While a mother breastfeeds the baby, there is a delay in the menstrual cycle. The blood stays in the body of the mother. Thus, it prevents the outflow of iron from the body. In fact, doctors advice mothers to take iron pills to fulfil the need of iron in the body.

Helps in losing post-pregnancy weight: A woman’s body gains a lot of weight while she is pregnant. Even after delivery, this weight gain is hard to cut down. A lot of fat is stored in the body of the mother due to her stressful days after the baby arrives. While you breastfeed the baby, the fat of teh baby converts into the milk production and helps the mother to lose weight. (Also read: What Are The Things To Avoid When You Are Breast feeding A Baby)

Helps in the contraction of the uterus: Breastfeeding the baby helps the mother to get back the shape of her uterus. The sucking of the breast leads to release certain kind of hormones in the body of the mother. It helps to regain the size of the uterus almost like earlier and burns the calories of a mother’s body too.

Helps to prevent the risk of conception: Pregnancy brings a lot of stress in terms of physical and mental level. A mother should maintain a minimum gap of three years between her pregnancy and the second pregnancy. It is good for the health of the baby, mother and even the unborn baby as well. Breastfeeding lowers the chances of conceiving soon after the first pregnancy. Thus, it is one of the healthy ways of conception.

Helps to strength the mother-baby bond: Breastfeeding helps to build a strong between the mother and the baby. The constant touch and warmth of the mother help in the healthy development of the baby. It helps the mother to overcome the pain of delivery and come closer to the baby. (Also read: How does lemon water help you while breastfeeding)

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