What Is The Best Diet For Healthy Mom-To-Be

What Is The Best Diet For Healthy Mom-To-Be

Diet is the most important and crucial part of the pregnancy phase. A bad diet can affect the baby badly and sometimes the chances of miscarriage also develop. Carrying a baby inside the womb requires a bit extra eating. It helps your body to prepare for the process of pregnancy. Healthy nutrients can make your body stay fit and capable enough to bear the labour pain and having a healthy delivery. Hence, there is nothing more to talk about the importance of healthy diet in a pregnant woman. So, here are we going to discuss the Best Diet a Healthy mom-To-Be should take. Hope this helps. (Also Read: Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Eating Rice During Pregnancy)

What does a healthy diet mean for a pregnant woman?
Do you know that both of you are responsible if infertility occurs? If your partner is having a very good diet even better than you then also you can conceive easily. This works especially if your husband eats well. But, you are going to carry the baby, so the entire responsibility of keeping the baby healthy inside you depends on the diet and healthy lifestyle. So, try to include the following:

What Is The Best Diet For Healthy Mom-To-Be

1. You have to grab a plenty of starchy foods. These can include bread, rice protein and chapati. You can go for Rice and daal and can take chapati along with it in a single meal.

2. Try to choose whole grain varieties, which contain a good amount of fibre. Whole wheat, rice, unpolished jowar, bajra, ragi, Dalia, pasta, whole wheat bread can be great for you. (Also Read: Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk foods During Pregnancy)

3. You have to include some protein to your meals. Lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, pulses, beans, soya and lentils can be great for you. Green gram is also good for you. It is moong dal in the Indian language.

4. Try to have pigeon peas, sprout moong, black eyed peas which are lobhia, chickpeas as Kabuli chana, kidney beans or rajma etc. If you love sprouts you can have it in your breakfast an and snacks. Try to aim at considering two portions a day, or three if you are vegetarian.

4. If you are not a vegetarian then you have to include eating fish at least thrice in a week. One of these should be oily, but try to have no more than two portions of oily fish a week.

5. Go with the low-fat dairy foods. These food contain calcium which you need this time desperately. Do you like skimmed milk? If yes then consume it. Even you can go for skimmed yoghurt, buttermilk, paneer. (Also Read: What Are The Essential Post Pregnancy Foods)

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