Why Pregnant Women Should Add More Spinach In Their Diet

Why Pregnant Women Should Add More Spinach In Their Diet

Pregnancy requires healthy habits, exercises and a lot of healthy diets. You may be worried about your right nutrition and baby’s growth. In this perspective, we like to say that there is nothing better than spinach for your health. If you eat spinach then it absolutely fine, but if you are still looking for better nutrition, add more spinach. It will help you in every possible manner. One man army superfoods like spinach will take care of your overall health. How? Let us have a look. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Have Half Boiled Or Raw Eggs During Pregnancy)

Why spinach is important during pregnancy:
As we have already said that spinach can almost take care of your entire health during pregnancy. So, here are some benefits of spinach is listed here. Hope this will motivate you and make you add this to your diet more.

Provides a lot of iron and prevents Anaemia:
Women mostly suffer from anaemia which increases during pregnancy. But your baby requires iron to grow more. So, instead of getting iron tablets eat a lot of spinach in your daily diet. Other than iron it will provide you folic acid, which is again beneficial in reducing anaemia. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Diet During Pregnancy)

Helps In baby’s lungs Development:
You may not know but spinach contains a lot of beta-carotene. This component helps your unborn baby to develop its lungs. Beta-carotene usually converts into vitamin A and by this, it helps your in baby’s growth. Other than that vitamin A can help your baby’s brain development too.

It prevents birth defects:
Spinach prevents birth defects as it has a lot of iron, folate and folic acid. It, in fact, protects your unborn baby inside your womb by proving the baby many healthy nutrients which help the baby to stay stronger. That is why it prevents birth defects like cleft lip, spina bifida and cleft palate.

Spinach prevents constipation:
If a pregnant woman regularly eats spinach in her diet, she will stay definitely out of constipation or any other digestive problems. Constipation is very common during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes in the body. Spinach has soluble fibre which helps in easing up the bowel movements and provides relief from constipation. (Also Read: What Is The Best Diet For Healthy Mom-To-Be)

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