Is It Safe To Have Half Boiled Or Raw Eggs During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Eat Low Boiled Or Raw Eggs During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in your lifestyle. It mostly affects your dieting habits. From having dairy foods to drinks, everything should be on observation. So, at this point in time, it is natural to have curiosity on every single food you are consuming. If you are non-vegetarian, the egg is the safest option you choose if you are not allergic to it. But, do you want to know what form of an egg is good for you and what not? So, here we are going to discuss that if the raw egg or the half boiled egg is good for you or not. Let us know. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Diet During Pregnancy)

In India, we mostly eat poultry or broiler eggs. These two types of eggshells contain a bacteria called salmonella. It causes food poisoning. Moreover, during pregnancy having food poisoning can be very dangerous. However, women in the USA can eat half boil or raw eggs during their pregnancy because most of the eggs in the US are stamped with a red British Lion Quality mark. This mark suggests that these eggs are perfectly sterilised and safe to eat during pregnancy in the raw form.

Is it safe to eat raw eggs during pregnancy?
Though eggs are an essential part of our diet chart, still, it is not recommended during pregnancy. But it is restricted only when it comes to eating raw eggs. You can have any other types of well-cooked eggs items. Moreover, cooked eggs are good for health. It is a good source of protein in our body. The main logic is having salmonella bacteria which may not directly harm your health but definitely harms your baby.

But there is a way which can help you to eat raw eggs. This way is to make the egg partly sterilised. This process called pasteurizing. It is safe because when this process is performed, it kills all the bacterias and making the raw eggs safe. It is hard to find the pasteurized eggs as they can be easily available in the supermarkets. But you should be highly careful while buying the eggs. Do not forget to wear the label and the brand of the eggs. (Also Read: What Is The Best Diet For Healthy Mom-To-Be)

Side Effects of Eating Raw Eggs:
We all know that raw eggs are one of the best sources of protein but not during pregnancy. As we have already mentioned that cooked eggs are great to have during pregnancy. But by chance, if you eat raw eggs during pregnancy you may suffer from Diarrhea, Vomiting, Sickness, Bad taste in mouth, etc.

If you suffer any of these health issues during pregnancy, you should rush to your nearest doctor and get a primary treatment remedy of it. But do not forget to talk to your regular doctor and tell him/her clearly that you have consumed raw or half boiled eggs. It may affect your baby a little bit but the treatment can cute the issues. Hope you have a safe pregnancy. (Also Read: Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Eating Rice During Pregnancy)

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