Is it safe to eat tamarind during pregnancy

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Is it safe to eat tamarind during pregnancy

The desire and craving to eat something sour during pregnancy are quite natural. Pregnant ladies often crave for something unusual which is a treat to their taste buds. Untimely craving for ice cream, pickles, Tamarind(Imli) etc. are few obvious desires that come along with pregnancy. Since ages, we have heard our grandparents offering sour eatables to the pregnant ladies. However, we must realise whether tamarind or Imli is safe to consume during pregnancy or not? Well, there are two sides of every coin, so is the case of tamarind. Consumption of tamarind in moderation is good for pregnant ladies but overconsumption might land you in serious trouble. (Also read: What are the benefits of eating raisins during pregnancy)

Is it safe to eat tamarind during pregnancy?

Contains vitamin C: Tamarind is rich in vitamin C which is essential for the pregnant ladies. But an excess of vitamin C might lead to the problems like miscarriage or pre-term labour pain. Thus, one should consume tamarind in moderation after consulting the gynaecologist.

Acts as a laxative in nature: Tamarind helps to solve the problem of constipation during pregnancy, It ensures good bowel movement. But an excess of it might lead to diarrhoea which is not at all good during pregnancy. It might also lead to the contraction of the uterus during the later phase of the pregnancy. (Also read: What are the benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy)

Healthy for digestion: Though tamarind helps in better digestion of food, an excess of it might lead to stomach issues. It eventually makes the body dehydrated. SO consume it in moderation.

Helps to balance the sugar level: Many pregnant women face the problem of Gestational diabetes. However, consumption of tamarind helps to balance the level of sugar in the body. But too much of it might lead to acidity as well.

Acts as antioxidants: Tamarind is antioxidant in nature which helps to bind the free radical cells in the body. But an excess of it might lead to a throat infection and cause inconvenience during pregnancy.

Helps to control blood pressure: Many pregnant women face the problem of fluctuation in blood pressure. However, tamarind is full of minerals like iron, sodium and potassium. It keeps the blood pressure in check. (Also read: Is it safe to consume black tea during pregnancy?)

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