Is It Safe To Diet During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Diet During Pregnancy

We opt for dieting to stay fit. But when you are pregnant, you have to eat more. Even almost double than you usually eat. Your baby gets all the nutrients and food benefits by staying inside your womb only. So, the development of the baby depends on how much and what you actually eat. Hence, if you are planning to conceive, we insist you do not go for dieting as it is not the right time for it. Your doctor would also suggest you to not go for dieting at this time. (Also Read: Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Eating Rice During Pregnancy)

Normally, you should gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. But if you are overweight then you may not aim for 15 to 25 pounds. Thus, our recommendation would be for to consume 11 and 20 pounds per day. Hence, you may understand how much you need to eat to have a healthy baby and a healthy delivery. There is no point of thinking about dieting during pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Do Dieting During Pregnancy

Some of you may have gained a lot of extra weight because of the large uterus, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid. But do not worry this extra weight would immediately be gone after your delivery. You should be getting about 2,500 calories in a day. You need those extra calories and so does your baby. (Also Read: Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk foods During Pregnancy)

Not only your body changes but your mind also changes during this time. Your blood sugar between meals can drop to very low levels, which is why so many pregnant women have the feeling that they’re starving and need to eat between meals. So, if you think of dieting you will feel hungry and your baby also will feel hungry. This would eventually affect your baby only. The baby inside your womb knows better what she wants as her mind also start developing this time. Unfortunately, because of the lack of her regular nutrients, her mind can not get the chance to develop properly. So, there would be chances of having birth disabilities in the baby.

So, hope this is clear to you that how much important is dieting during pregnancy. So, doing dieting can be dangerous and can even increase the chances of miscarriage too. (Also Read: What Are The Essential Post Pregnancy Foods)

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