Is it safe to consume black tea during pregnancy?

Is it safe to consume black tea during pregnancy

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Black tea is considered to be one of the highly consumed beverages in India. Though black tea has always been around the sphere of argument about its consumption. It has got almost nil benefits but has a lot of side effects. Especially when it comes to pregnancy, black tea is something which is not advisable for daily consumption. Though it is antioxidant in nature, still there are not much benefits of black tea for a pregnant woman. (Also read: Must To Eat Indian Foods For Pregnant Ladies)

Here are the reasons why a pregnant woman should not consume black tea:

Increases the risk of miscarriage: It has been studied that woman who consumes caffeine present in the black tea are at a higher risk of suffering from a miscarriage. It even leads to a birth defect in the child as caffeine does not let the fetus to absorb folic acid. Thus the fetal development does not take place normally. Thus, it is advisable to restrict the consumption of black tea during pregnancy.

Leads to frequent urination: Consumption of black tea leads to the problem of frequent urination. Though it is a common problem during pregnancy. Black tea aggravates this problem even more. There is an excessive pressure on the bladder because of the expanding of the uterus, which increases the need of urinating after every short while. (Also read: 3 Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy)

Causes pregnancy anemia: Though it is common to be a slight anemic during pregnancy, consumption of black tea makes it worse. As already mentioned above, black tea does not let the body absorb folate which ultimately is harmful to the development of the fetus.

Makes you insomniac: The body of the pregnant lady already undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. During the last few months, the body becomes so heavy that sleeping becomes a difficult task. There are a number of few more problems that arise during this time like overthinking, heartburn, lack of sleep etc. Consumption of black tea only worsens this problem.

Causes hypertension: High blood pressure is one of the most common problems of pregnant ladies during their final months of pregnancy. It is harmful to both the baby and the mother. And much to the surprise, it is black tea which is the leading cause of high blood pressure. Thus, it is advisable to avoid black tea completely. (Also read: Tips to combat sleepless night during pregnancy)

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