How To Increase Breast Milk With Foods

How To Increase Breast Milk With Foods

Breast milk is the milk produced by the mammary glands of the female body. The breast milk is the prime source of nutrition for the newborn baby. Hence, a good production of breast milk is essential for the development of the newborn child. The little one is solely dependent on his mother for meals and nutrition. Therefore, proper care has to be taken by the mother so that the milk does not fall short and is not watery. Below mentioned is the list of foods which help to increase breast milk production. [Also Read: Why is it important for the baby to take a burp]

Fibres are essential to increase breast milk production. Hence, intake of foods which are rich in fibre content becomes important when it comes to breastfeeding. Eating Oatmeal is good for the process of lactation. The oatmeal also helps to boost energy and improves digestion.

Spinach, Kale and Beet Leaves:
Green vegetables are rich in Calcium, Folic Acid and Iron hence, intake of Spinach and Kale is good for increasing the breast milk quantity. Eating spinach also help the mothers to recover from anaemia. Also, as these vegetables are rich in nutrients, it makes the newborn baby strong.

Carrot is rich in Vitamin A which helps greatly in the process of lactations. Hence, eating carrots helps to increase milk production in breasts. [Also Read: Tips To Provide Proper Nutrition To Your Newborn And Toddler]

Bottle Gourd:
Not liked by many but bottle gourd has the capacity to increase the quantity and quality of breast milk. It is also easily digestible. Hence, it is a good source of increasing the breast milk in mothers.

Fenugreek Seeds:
The fenugreek seeds are good to increase the breast milk due to the presence of compound diosgenin. The diosgenin compound has the properties similar to female sex hormone oestrogen. Therefore, you can either chew the seeds or can drink a cup of fenugreek tea.

Hence, if you are a mother to a newborn baby, you must intake a diet which should increase breast milk production. Hence, intake these foods inappropriate amount to boost the process of lactation and development in your baby. [Also Read: How To Encourage Physical Development In Toddler]

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