Healthy Snacks To Calm Food Cravings During Pregnancy

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Healthy Snacks To Calm Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Pregnancy cravings are hundred times stronger than regular cravings. You might wake up at midnight with a burning desire to have a chocolate or pickle. Obviously, you may also think of getting overweight with those extra calories intake. This is the moment you have to live and feed your baby inside too. So, here we have listed some really tempting snacks which you can eat within meals to calm your food cravings and keep your tummy full.

Porridge contains soluble fibre hence, is extremely good for the heart and boosting energy. You can eat porridge by adding some fruits and vegetables of your choice.

You can say no to boring juices and switch to smoothies as they are rich in vitamins, fibre, and veggies. You can go for a raspberry-orange smoothie, banana smoothie and much more according to your taste buds.

Popcorn is also rich in fibre and as they are too light, they are perfect to eat within your mid meals. You can also have popcorn with some nuts to nurture the taste. But eating habit should not be overdone as is always said- ‘excess of everything is bad’.

Yes! This food item is every girl’s favourite and it is a must-eat for the expecting mothers. But, hold on! As mentioned earlier, it should not be over-eaten. Chocolates with less sugar are preferable, dark chocolates are a perfect example. There are some fruit chocolates also which are advisable to consume.

Yogurt and Dry Fruits:
Opt for low-fat dairy products and Yogurt can be the first target. Dried nuts with a high nutritional value of proteins and fibers are must add-ons to it. Add some fruits like strawberries, peaches or apple to make it more tempting and tasty.

Sweet Potato Chips:
When you will crave for munching something, sweet potato will be a right option for you. Oven baked sweet potato chips with sprinkled cinnamon and sugar will add delight to your meals. As sweet potatoes are rich in Potassium, Vitamins A, C, and B6 they are healthy to munch.

Whole Wheat Sandwich:
Take slices of whole wheat bread and add to eat tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce to make a sandwich. A sandwich is easier to make and a healthy great snack to remove hunger. All expecting mothers can take a drift from regular taste by eating a sandwich.

Boiled Eggs:
Eggs are high in nutrients and also tasty. Where the white part is rich in proteins, the yolk is high in nutrients. So, boiled egg with some sprinkled salt can be a good eatery as it also beneficial for developing child’s nervous system.

There are so many tempting flavours before you, just pick them up and grab to have a delicious end on food cravings! Thus, these smart snacks also serve the purpose of nutritional diet in pregnancy.

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