Healthy snacks for pregnant women

Ten healthy snacks for pregnant women

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During pregnancy, the woman needs a nutritious diet and snacks that don’t prove harmful for her health. It is always recommended not to remain hungry for a longer period of time. Thus, one should always eat in proportions to gain sufficient energy and nourishment at the same time. For this, you need to have some healthy and smart snacks that are good for health as well as good to eat.

Listed below ten smart snacks which one can take up during pregnancy:

Peanut butter with apples or whole grain crackers: Involving into some healthy snacking option like, taking natural peanut butter with apples or whole grain crackers is a good choice. You can take it once between your meals to provide your body with sufficient amount of protein and good fats. Instead of peanut butter, you can also have almond butter and cashew butter. However, don’t stick to monotony, rejoice yourself with choices available.

Nutty and fruity yoghurt:

Smart and healthy snacking for pregnant women
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Yoghurt is a safe option to settle in between food cravings. Give your yoghurt a twist of fruits and nuts to make it more delicious along with increasing its nutritious value. But try to have a low-fat natural Yoghurt or you may choose to have a flavoured one. But they contain added sugar, so choose wisely.

A mixture of dry fruits and dark chocolates: You can take handy of this snack every time you go out. A handful of non-salty dry fruits, nuts with cubes of dark chocolate make a good snack. The presence of fibre in nuts and dry fruits help in getting rid of the problems of constipation whereas dark chocolate keeps the heart healthy as it is enriched with iron and minerals.

Tuna fish sandwich:

Smart and healthy snacking for pregnant women
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Tuna fish is rich in protein, which you can eat while you are pregnant. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and helps in the development of baby’s brain. Also, it is best if paired with whole wheat bread so as to provide fibre and fat to the body at the same time.

Smoothies: Smoothies are a good option as they are fillers and also provide nourishment to the body as they are an amalgamation of protein, fibre, minerals and other necessary nutrients to the body. Make your base with milk or yoghurt and add fruits to it. To add flavour and to make it more yum you can add cocoa powder and a teaspoon of peanut butter.

A handful of nut and cheese: Low fat protein enriched cheese and nuts are a complete yes. Cheese like Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda, Edam etc. are good options available to us. They provide fibre and calcium to our body.

Popcorn and nuts:

Smart and healthy snacking for pregnant women
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This is one of the easiest snack one needs to settle the hunger. Salty popcorn with the handful of nuts are rich in fibre and is a healthy option. It may help you get rid of the problems of constipation and enjoy the healthy digestive system.

Tortilla chips with a good dip: To settle the crunchy cravings while you are heavily pregnant, rely on baked tortilla chips with a healthy dip of avocados or maybe beans. High in the amount of vitamin B and folate, they could help in the prevention of birth defects that child faces.

Chocolate bar: Chocolates are a good source to boost your body with energy. A bar of chocolate reduces the risk of preeclampsia that may result in damaging the organ due to high blood pressure. Thus, you can switch to fruit and nut chocolate bar or pair your chocolate with the fruit of your choice. Chocolates are a good source of energy.

Hummus and Pita: Protein-rich hummus, a healthy and delicious dip that could be taken with pita bread or chips. Enriched with fibre and protein they are healthy and easy go to options if paired with veggies like carrots, celery, and peppers.

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