What healthy foods to include in your gluten free pregnancy diet

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What healthy foods to include in your gluten free pregnancy diet

It is important to watch what you are eating, as you are responsible for the health of your baby as well. Pregnant women should avoid consuming the foods that are full of gluten. The gluten is made of two proteins. It is found in the wheat. The computation of gluten can lead to the risk Celiac disease. That is why it is better to have gluten-free food. However, gluten also provides the energy to the body, so this creates a bit of dilemma. In that case, any pregnant women will be delighted to know that there are foods that can provide you with energy. Let’s find out what they are! (Also read: What food items you must avoid after delivery)

Gluten-free grain
Whole grains like rice, soy, corn etc are good for the health. These are free of gluten and they are rich in magnesium and protein. Also, they provide you with energy and nutrition. So, you must have it during the pregnancy.

Fruits and vegetables
The green vegetables are free of gluten. They have iron in them that help with the blood deficiency in the body. They are full of antioxidants. Thus they are wonderful for the health of the pregnant woman. (Also Read: Top Organic Foods To Eat During Pregnancy)

Nuts like Brazilian nuts, chia seeds, almonds and walnuts are gluten-free. Also, they have protein, selenium, omega-3 fatty acid that are wonderful for the health of the pregnant and the child she is carrying.

Food rich foliate
The consumption of foliate is good during pregnancy. It is good for the health of the baby and the mother. For this have spinach, broccoli etc.

Healthy Fats
The gluten-free healthy fats like olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, butter, almond milk. It is good for your health. These healthy fats are good for the health of the pregnant women as they provide nourishment and energy.  (Also Read: Must To Eat Indian Foods For Pregnant Ladies)

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