What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Mango During Pregnancy

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Mango During Pregnancy

If you are going to spend your pregnancy during the entire summer season, you are lucky. The king of fruits, Mango is going to rule the summer market and you can not miss the chance to eat more mangoes this time. The amazing benefits of mangoes are extremely important during your pregnancy phase. It will provide you vital nutrients, enormous energy and a lot of antioxidants. So, do not just eat mangoes because of your craving,  eat it to extract all its benefits for you and for your baby. So, have a look at the following and know about the health benefits of eating mangoes during pregnancy. (Also Read: Why Should Every Pregnant Woman Eat Paneer)

Provides Folic acid for fetal development:
Folic acid is important for fetal development. So, eating mangoes can fulfil this need. It helps to develop the brain, spinal cord and lobes of heart on your baby. Other than that, it will prevent many birth defects too.

Gives dietary fibre for your digestive health:
We all know pregnancy bring digestion problems. So, it is better to eat foods with dietary or soluble fibres. Mangoes have a lot of fibre which will help you to digest your food easily. So, you can eat mangoes blindly as there is no need to think about digestion issues this time. (Also Read: Why Pregnant Women Should Add More Spinach In Their Diet)

A great source of Iron:
During pregnancy, many women experience anaemia because of iron deficiency in their body. If you eat ripe mangoes during pregnancy, it will provide you with a lot of vitamins vitamin C and help in the absorption of iron in your body. So, the daily consumption of mangoes can prevent the anaemia or iron deficiency related issues.

Provides a lot of antioxidants:
Mangoes are the storage house of antioxidants. It helps to develop better resistance against free radicals present in your body. These free radicals can damage your fetal development.

It prevents morning sickness:
The taste of mango can prevent your morning sickness. Mangoes have a lot of vitamin B6 which can help you to build your resistance against morning sickness. So, enjoy your pregnancy with juicy, tangy ripe mangoes.

Always remember every good thing has side effects too. So, do not consume mangoes excessively during your pregnancy. It has a chemical called calcium carbide which may create complications in your pregnancy or labour. So, consume it in a moderate amount. (Also Read: Is It Safe To Have Half Boiled Or Raw Eggs During Pregnancy)

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