Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Eating Rice During Pregnancy

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Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Eating Rice During Pregnancy

If you prefer to have rice during main meals then you are a true rice lover. But this love for rice may increase more during your pregnancy. You may think whether it is safe for you or not. If this so, then do not worry! You can have rice blindly during pregnancy. We are here to solve your sceptical feeling. But, as all say, consuming anything too much is not good. Every food has its side effects. So, you have to be wise in taking the amount every day. Hence, let us discuss both the health benefits and the side effects of eating rice during pregnancy.

Benefits of eating rice during pregnancy:
There are many health benefits of eating rice during pregnancy. It has carbohydrates and fibre which are very much important for the babies to grow more. Let us have the other health benefits here:

1. Instant energy:
As we already told you that rice contains a very high amount of carbohydrates. It helps to provide instant energy in your body. It works like a fuel to energise you at any time. Moreover, it has the very rich amount of vitamins, such as vitamin D, riboflavin, and thiamine. Not only this, rice contains a huge amount of minerals, such as calcium, iron, and fibre. Hence, this will help you to strengthen your bones and teeth.

2. No Constipation:
Rice is a starchy food. That is it can affect the bowel movement. It helps to grow those good bacterias which smooth, normal bowel movements during pregnancy. Hence, it helps in preventing many health issues. Other than that, it helps in having a great digestion to your body.

3. Lower the risk Of Urino-Genital Infections:
Urinogenital’s is a kind of an infection which many pregnant women experiences. This can affect you and your baby adversely. Rice is a natural diuretic. That is why it helps to prevent the risk of urogenital infections in the expecting moms.

Side effects of eating rice during pregnancy:
Apart from having all these health benefits, rice has some side effects in pregnant women. However, there are very fewer side effects but you should be aware of these.

1. Consuming excessive rice can add much more extra kilos to your present weight. It is actually not healthy for you because if you put some extra weights during pregnancy, you will be tired of carrying your baby weight and your excess weight. This will pressurise your leg bones.

2. White rice can boost your blood glucose levels and make you suffer from gestational diabetes.

3. The worth part of consuming excess rice is it can bring premature death or birth of a stillborn baby. Rice has some amount of arsenic. That is why it can affect a pregnant woman and can hamper her delivery.

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