Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk foods During Pregnancy

Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk foods During Pregnancy

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Having a craving during pregnancy is a very common symptom. Many women crave for junk and oily foods this time. But, meeting the craving always is not actually a good idea. Junk foods are great as an appetiser but it is as harmful as eating trash. It affects a normal person very easily so you can imagine how harmful the effect will be to a pregnant lady. This even creates a harsh effect on the baby inside to womb too. So, next time if you get the cravings for junk foods, please remember these following harmful effects. (Also Read: What Are The Essential Post Pregnancy Foods)

The most obvious effect of eating junk foods is weight gain. Junk foods can make a person overweight and obese easily. It has a significantly higher risk of serious complications in women body during pregnancy. The consequences can be high blood pressure or Hypertension, pregnancy induced hypertension, various birth defects. Hence, to minimize the risks, obese mothers should maintain the weight gain limit. Doctors often recommend the couples to plan the pregnancy after having a fit and healthy body. Especially to the mothers. It becomes too much difficulty to carry an extra weight during the last few month if someone is obese. There are many cases of miscarriage happens at the last stage of pregnancy because of the obese period.

Fetal Development:
You may not know that a lack of protein during pregnancy interferes the proper kidney development in the fetus. If you are having a protein deficient diet then the kidney of the offspring remain underdevelop. So, this process causes a massive development of high blood pressure and renal disease as the babies while reaching to adulthood. Doctors say that the adult hypertension and coronary heart disease may happen by intrauterine exposure to poor nutrition. (Also Read: Top Organic Foods To Eat During Pregnancy)

Behaviour disorder:
If you are too much into eating junks and oily foods during pregnancy, there are chances you may behave weirdly. Doctors say that childhood obesity is inter connected with the increased risk of depression, attention deficit disorder and obviously poor learning. Many types of researches say that pregnant women who eat doughnuts, chips, oily foods, candies too much, have a risk of defective child birth. Basically, the baby brain and mother’s brain to react in a different manner. Hence, it is clear that junk foods bring behavioural disorders in the baby as well as in the mother. (Also Read: Superfoods to eat during pregnancy)

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