3 Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most essential and important phases of a woman’s life. Ensuring healthy diet during this time is mandatory for the healthy growth of the child and for the well being of the mother. When it comes to healthy diet, we all think of eating fruits. Thus, to make it clear, there are certain fruits that are a big ‘No’ during pregnancy. Instead of enriching the body with necessary nutrients, they prove hazardous to the health of the pregnant woman. (Also read: Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy)

Here is the list of fruits that should be avoided during pregnancy:

Pineapple: A pregnant woman should not eat pineapple. Though pineapples are engraved with many benefits, during pregnancy it proves dangerous for the well being of the child and the mother. Pineapple contains bromelain which makes the cervix soft and thus leads to premature labour pain. Some doctors suggest that if you crave too much to eat this fruit, you should eat it moderately. But it is always advisable to avoid it as much as you can especially during the early period of pregnancy. According to the studies done by the researchers on pregnant women, many women consume pineapple juice if they encounter a delay in labour pains.

Papaya: Papaya is another fruit that falls on the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. Consumption of papaya causes premature labour pain and even leads to miscarriage. Papaya contains latex which makes the uterine contractions more severe. Papain is the enzyme which is there in the papaya that leads to the unpleasant situations during pregnancy. this especially does for unripe papaya. Studies reveal that eating ripe papaya is good for the health of a pregnant woman. It is antioxidant in nature and also helps to provide relief to the problem of constipation. But, to make it brief and simpler, if there is a doubtful fruit, we should try to avoid it to ensure a safe pregnancy. (Also read: Healthy snacks for pregnant women)

Grapes: Grapes is again a controversial fruit. A lot of argument has been going around whether it is a boon or a bane for a pregnant woman. Though grapes have a lot of essential minerals and vitamins for the healthy growth of the baby, yet there are certain short comings. Grapes leads to the problem of constipation and make the digestion difficult. Grapes also contain a chemical called resveratrol which is life threatening for a pregnant woman. It also contains a lot of pesticides spray that has been done to keep the insects aside from the crop. Thus this chemical affects the body of the pregnant woman and is poisonous for the unborn baby. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid consumption of grapes during pregnancy.

Hence, one should be extra cautious while opting for fruits to eat during pregnancy! (Also read: Must To Eat Indian Foods For Pregnant Ladies)

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