Fruits for pregnant women: Which calcium-rich foods should be consumed by pregnant women

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Know the calcium rich foods pregnant women

Fruits for pregnant women: Which foods pregnant women should consume

During pregnancy, women should take special care because their health also affects the health of the unborn child. Avoid consuming junk foods and oily foods as they cause many types of health problems. Always eat nutritious foods so that you and your child can get enough nutrition. During pregnancy, women should consume calcium-rich food so that the bones of the child along with their muscles are strengthened. Consumption of calcium-rich foods also provides relief from many other health problems and also develops the children. (Also read: Drinks during Pregnancy: Which drinks pregnant women should consume in summer)

Fruits for pregnant women: Which calcium-rich foods pregnant women should consume.

  • Dried figs
  • Date
  • Dried apricots
  • Kiwi
  • Mulberry
  1. Dried figs

    Pregnant women should consume figs
    Fruits for pregnant women: Consumption of figs is beneficial for pregnant women.

    A cup of dried fig contains 241 mg of calcium. Apart from this, there is the high quantity of omega-3 fatty acids in dried figs which is beneficial for the health of pregnant women. (Also read: Kidney Beans During Pregnancy: Health Benefits Of Eating Rajma During Pregnancy)

  2. Dates
    Dates provide relief from pain because it contains high amounts of calcium. A date contains 15.36 mg is calcium which provides many health benefits to the body and also reduces the problems related to pregnancy.
  3. Dried apricots
    Calcium is high in dried apricots. Along with calcium, there are iron, folic acid potassium in the apricot, which provides adequate nutrition to the body and promotes the development unborn child. Calcium intake is good for pregnant women.
  4. Kiwi
    Kiwi is a superfood that is useful during pregnancy. It contains high amounts of calcium and vitamins. These nutrients provide many benefits to the body and also keep healthy.
  5. Mulberry
    Mulberry is a calcium-rich food, so women should take mulberry during pregnancy. Mulberry intake removes calcium deficiency in the body and also strengthens the bones.

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Calcium-rich fruit intake during pregnancy is beneficial as it provides relief from pain in bones and muscles. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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