Foods To Eat During Pregnancy For Brain Development Of Your Baby

Foods To Eat During Pregnancy For Brain Development Of Your Baby

Every mother wants her child to be active, smart and intelligent. All the mothers take all the necessary measures to nourish their child with all the nutrients in their growing age. However, the baby’s brain development in the womb is crucial for their lifelong personality. The nutrients which the baby receives in the womb results in his physical and mental development. Thus, go through the list of foods which you should eat during pregnancy for healthy brain development of your baby. [Also Read: What Is The Best Diet For Healthy Mom-To-Be]


Eating eggs helps in the healthy brain development of your child. It is rich in amino acid and choline which is responsible to increase the memory power of your baby. Moreover, choline also helps in increasing the IQ level in babies.


The protein is utmost essential for your child’s brain development inside the womb. Hence, yoghurt has all the necessary protein which you can intake to boost your baby’s brain health.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is essential for the body for absorption of Calcium and immunity. Moreover, intake of Vitamin D is also necessary to boost your baby’s brain power and help in its healthy development. Thus, eating eggs, cheese and exposure to sunlight can give you necessary Vitamin D. [Also Read: Why Eating Kiwi Is Important During Pregnancy]


To increase your baby’s IQ and make him more intelligent and witty, consumption of foods rich in Iodine is a must. Eating foods like eggs, yoghurt and sea fish can give you enough iodine.


The green leafy vegetables are great to boost the brain health due to the presence of vital nutrients. Being rich in Iron, spinach tremendously helps in increasing your child’s brain power inside the womb.

Thus, if you want your child to be concentrate, intelligent, smart and witty, make a diet plan by including these foods. Further, you must seek a consultation with your doctor if opting for any change in diet.

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