Why Eating Kiwi Is Important During Pregnancy

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Why Eating Kiwi Is Important During Pregnancy

To enjoy your journey of pregnancy and be a healthy mom, you have to opt for the diet which is extremely beneficial for your health. A healthy diet nourishes you and your baby simultaneously. Thus, intake of all the essential nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables as recommended is necessary. Most of the fruits and vegetables which you can eat in pregnancy are good but the fruit Kiwi is what you require the most in this phase. Get to know in this article, why eating kiwi is important during pregnancy. [Also Read: What Is The Best Diet For Healthy Mom-To-Be]

Rich In Vitamin C:

The kiwifruit is extremely rich in Vitamin C which a must to take nutrient for all pregnant ladies. The presence of Vitamin C helps in the formation of neurotransmitters and is a great antioxidant as well. The good intake of Vitamin C helps in reducing the post-pregnancy stretch marks as well.

High In Fibre:

An optimum amount of fibre is required by the body when you are pregnant. Thus, kiwi enables you to get the same as it is a good source of fibre. It helps to get rid of constipation among pregnant ladies. [Also Read: What You Can Include In Healthy Breakfast During Pregnancy]

Good Amount Of Folate:

Folate is extremely necessary for the healthy development of you and your baby as it helps in the cell formation and organ development. During pregnancy, it is essential to have a diet rich in folate thus, kiwi helps you to get that easily. It is a fruit which is a great source of folate.

Low Calories:

The kiwifruit has all the natural sugars and is low in calories. Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, however, too much weight gain can cause complications. Thus, eating fruit like kiwi, which has all the essential nutrients besides low calories is good during your pregnancy.

Thus, eat a rich diet in your pregnancy with a must intake of kiwi for the good health of you and your baby. [Also Read: What are the benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy]

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