What You Can Include In Healthy Breakfast During Pregnancy

What You Can Include In Healthy Breakfast During Pregnancy

Pregnancy demands for a proper diet to keep the baby and the expecting mother fit. Breakfast plays an important role in the overall diet hence, for a pregnant lady, the diet early in the morning should be infused with healthy nutrients.

Thus, to break the monotony and have healthy breakfast, below mentioned is the list of some delicious food:

Egg and Avocado Wholegrain Toast:
Eggs contain a good amount of Choline. Hence, take boiled eggs, avocados and whole wheat bread. Prepare a sandwich by combining the ingredients. Eggs help in the brain development of the child. Moreover, avocados and whole wheat bread provide essential fibre to the body. Hence, eating the egg and avocado toast will serve greatly to your taste buds and body.

Green Smoothie:
You can drink tempting green smoothie comprising of almond milk, chia seeds, spinach, kiwi and Greek yoghurt. The items when blended make this drink enriched with nutrients. The Folate provide by spinach, Calcium by yoghurt, Vitamin C from kiwi and Omega 3 from chia seeds tremendously help in keeping the body healthy.

Berries And Milk Cereal:
Eating cereal in the morning can provide you lot of fibre and Iron with good taste. Hence, eat cereal in the morning by topping it up with berries and fruits rich in Vitamin C which will help in more Iron absorption.

Almond Butter Toast:
Peanut butter provides Proteins and Vitamin E which keeps the stomach full for a long time besides increasing the level of energy. Moreover, the delicious taste will brighten up your mood for all day long.

Veggie Scrambled Egg:
Eggs provide a good amount of Choline as mentioned above. Hence, preparing scrambled egg with veggies spread throughout will give your body other essential nutrients too. You can add mushroom, onion and peas to add delight in your breakfast.

Further, you can also eat berry muffins, fruit yoghurt, french toast, pancakes and so on to have a healthy and tasty breakfast during pregnancy.

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