Advantages and disadvantages of consuming Ghee during pregnancy

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Advantages and disadvantages of consuming Ghee during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time, where elders will continuously advise you about food habits. Yes, pregnancy is the most crucial period of a woman’s life. According to the studies, a female body requires 200 calories extra per day to enrich her baby inside the womb. Well most of us fiddle around the kitchen to opt for the right food. And ‘Ghee’ is one of the topmost food product when it comes to listing the essentials. Ghee is clarified butter which is one of the healthiest sources of fat and is good for the growth of the baby.

Why should a pregnant woman consume ghee?
We should make a note that there is no scientific proof about the benefits of ghee. Since ages, it is believed that consumption of ghee during pregnancy helps to ease the labour pain making the delivery smooth and less painful. It even lubricates the vagina thus making delivery easy. Thus the elders suggest in taking at least a spoonful of ghee during the pregnancy. Ghee also helps in making the digestion proper as most of the pregnant woman often face digestion and constipation issues. It is even believed that ghee helps to cause natural contractions if the woman has overdue her delivery time. But none of the facts stated above has a scientific stand for them.

What are the side effects of consumption of ghee?
While we have counted on various benefits that ghee blesses a pregnant woman with, let us now discuss the shortcomings. If we consider broadly, there are not many negative impacts of ghee on the female body. But one cannot deny the fact that ghee falls in the category of fatty food. Staying fit and physically active during pregnancy is best for easy delivery. Consuming fatty food products without getting physically active will only induce more pain during the final time. Becoming obese with completely no physical workout is extremely dangerous for the mother and the baby as well.

Ghee is not the only option to bless the child with proper nutrients and minerals. Consumption of a balanced diet with the right amount of nutrients is also a healthy choice.

To cut the long story short, ghee is one of the natural ways to nurture the bodies of the expecting mothers and the baby inside the womb but a moderate consumption is what one should aim at. Ghee often increases the chance of obesity, which increases the risk during delivery and even affects mother’s body post delivery.

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