Are you physically ready for pregnancy

Are you physically ready for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of one’s life. You should make sure that before you try to conceive, your body should be in a proper state of health. Taking a complete body check up and seeking doctor’s advice are the two musts before you take a step ahead. Sometimes, we ignore our physical state, thus it becomes difficult for the body to carry nine months of pregnancy and it leads to miscarriage. You should undergo a list of tests to be sure of your fitness to conceive a baby. (Also read: How Changing Diet In Endometriosis Can Help You To Get Pregnant)

Listed below are the physical test lists that you should undergo if you are planning a pregnancy:

Discuss your medical history: You should discuss your complete medical history with your doctor. If you have any complications or diabetes, you should consult the doctor and seek advice for safe pregnancy. In some cases, it is necessary to first deal out with your health issues and then plan a pregnancy.

Undergo a cervical smear test: A cervical smear is done to check the cells of the cervix which is responsible during the pregnancy for carrying the womb. The cells are tested to ensure that none of them is developing into cancerous cells. (Also read: 5 Foods Which Have Contraceptive Properties)

Take a urine test: Pregnancy, while you are undergoing a UTI (Urinary tract infection), can be worse for you. You should undergo a complete urine test, to make yourself sure that you have no infection that could hinder your pregnancy.

Blood test: If you feel dizzy or nausea then you must seek a blood test in general. Any deficiency of vitamins or low haemoglobin level in the body can lead to difficult pregnancy. If there is any deficiency of a particular vitamin, you must deal with it beforehand only.

Taking supplements: If your body has any deficiency of a particular vitamin, you should start taking the supplements of vitamins. It is good to make your body well nourished with nutrients to have a safe pregnancy. Besides this, start taking well-nourished diet to overcome all the deficiencies.

Besides this, if you are obese or overweight, you should try to lose weight by switching to a healthy routine like exercises, yoga, swimming, jogging etc. Pregnancy in an obese body makes it worse for you. Thus, be sure to be healthy. (Also read: How to conceive safely after 35)

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