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What Are The Side Effects Of Heat During Pregnancy

What Are The Side Effects Of Heat During Pregnancy

Heat during pregnancy has a lot of side effects. From making the mother’s body dehydrated to various health issues like a headache and nausea. If a pregnant woman is spending most of the time in the heat, she will suffer these problems.

why black pepper is beneficial during pregnancy

Why black pepper is beneficial during pregnancy

The black pepper is beneficial for both the baby and the mother because it helps in completing nutrient deficiency in the body. Nutritious foods that are eaten during pregnancy are very important for their child’s mental and physical development.

food increases childs brain power

Which food increases child’s brain power

For the child’s mental development it is very important to feed them nutritious food because their brain power is very fragile in the first three years. Some foods provide an adequate amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins which helps to develop baby’s brain.

how to take care of babys hair

How to take care of baby’s hair

There are some guidelines and precautionary measures, which every parent should follow while cleaning the body or hair of newly born babies. The hair of newly born babies needs extra care as they are very soft and delicate. If the hair of newly born babies is taken care properly then they may not face any hair- related problem in future.