Why pH Balance In Baby Soap Is Necessary

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Why PH Balance In Baby Soap Is Necessary

Baby skin is too delicate like a feather. You can not wash it regularly with a normal soap from the market. People say that always use a baby soap for the newborns, that is why you are also buying soaps specifically made for babies. But do you know that is the exact reason for not using a normal soap to your little one? The answer is the skin pH balance. Our body’s pH balance is immensely different from the pH balance present in our baby’s skin. A newborn very easily gets acne, eczema, dry skin and diaper rashes. This happens because of the delicate skin your baby has. (Also Read: 6 Important Things You Should Know About Your Newborn Baby)

But interestingly, the skin does not have pH, but the sweat and sebaceous glands make the pH acidic. Sweat and sebum breakdown the fatty acids on the skin made by the good bacteria that live on your skin. Your baby’s skin should have an ideal pH level of 5.5. But the sad part is if the pH balance moves even a little bit, then also the baby skin starts reacting. That is why baby soap should have a balanced pH level into it.

Why PH Balance In Baby Soap Is Necessary

As you know that the enzyme of the body is pH-sensitive, it can lead to the skin’s optimum pH level. If the amount increases a little bit, as I already said, it can harm your baby’s skin deliberately. The amount should not move from 5.5. to 7.5  (Also Read: 4 Key Benefits Of Using Olive Oil For Babies)

These enzymes can thin out the skin up to 50 percent. If the thinning happens in the baby skin, the barriers of the skin will be weak. This triggers in activating the allergens or irritants to the little one’s skin. This can be the reason your child is prone to develop eczema quite often.

That is why it is necessary to use pharmaceutical products which are just perfect for your baby’s skin and doctors also suggest to buy these soaps. So parents should buy those soaps which are antibacterial and mildest. This will help your child not to catch any bacteria easily. This is the time many people would like to hold your baby and you cannot say ‘NO’ directly to anyone. That is why the little baby will mostly have bacterias to her body. (Also Read: How To Wash Baby Clothes Safely)

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