Why is it important for the baby to take a burp

Why is it important for the baby to take burp

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New born babies require the utmost attention to ensure their healthy upbringing and development. However, there are certain things that newborn babies are incapable of doing themselves. Taking a burp is one of them. Burping is important as we all know to ensure that the food we have eaten has been digested properly. However, parents have to make a note that it is necessary to help your baby take a burp. The lack of physical exercise in the babies, lead to digestion problems. Thus, they have to be released from the gas that gets trapped in the body.  Therefore, burping is necessary. (Also read: How To Protect Your Newborn From Cold And Flu)

What is a burp?
The releasing of gas bubbles right from oesophagus via mouth is known as burping. Burping a baby is as necessary as feeding him/her. As the newborn baby spends most of the time lying, it eventually becomes mandatory to employ some method to make burping easy.

Why is it important for the baby to take a burp?

Swallows air: While the baby drinks or sucks milk from a bottle, they eventually inhale some of the excessive air too. It thus goes into their stomach. This causes a discomfort and does not let the milk intake to be digested properly. Thus burping is required.

Digestion: While the food gets broken down by the bacteria present in the large intestine, it leads to the formation of gas. The breast fed milk and oral intake of food both result in some kind of gas in the stomach. A study by National Institute of Health says carbohydrate rich food products lead to the formation of gas in the body. (Also read: Why Hepatitis A Vaccine is important for your newborn)

Besides this, if the baby is allergic to the formula food then also he/she suffers from the problem of gas in the stomach.

How to make your baby take a burp?
There are two most common positions of helping a baby to burp:

Placing the baby on your lap: You can lay down your baby on the lap, hold the baby properly and pat the back of the baby.

Hold the baby over the shoulder: Place your baby on your shoulder. Hold him/her with one hand and pat his/her back gently. Make sure the head and the body of the baby is properly supported. (Also read: Tips To Take Care Of A Premature Baby Or A Preemie)

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