Why Hepatitis A Vaccine is important for your newborn

Why is Hepatitis A Vaccine important for your new born

Hepatitis A is a communicable disease. It spread due to Hepatitis A virus. To prevent the new born baby from this deadly disease, it is important to get the vaccine on time. Hepatitis A is among the vaccines that are given to a child just after a month of its birth. This vaccine prevents the child from the liver diseases caused by hepatitis A virus. In contrast to Hepatitis B, the Hepatitis A disease has less visible physical effects on the new born baby’s body. However, it is not advisable to ignore this vaccine. It can be really dangerous for the child’s liver and without proper treatment it can cause death as well. It is important to understand the correct procedure for the vaccine. That includes the doses, the timing and especially relevant the way to get the vaccine.

The importance of Hepatitis A vaccine
Hepatitis A is usually spread from person to person. At the same time, contaminated water can also cause the spread of Hepatitis A. The signs of this disease are very hard to detect. The most noteworthy thing is in kids below the age of 6, it is almost impossible to detect the signs. This disease affects the children below the age of 4 the most. The vaccine protects the child from this disease.

How to get the vaccination done
The vaccine is available for the kids from the age of 6 months to 18 months. This vaccine is given in two doses. The first dose is given at the age of 12 to 23 months and the other one after six months.

The side effects of Hepatitis A vaccine
There are very rare side effects of the vaccine. If your child shows any serious side effects of the vaccine, it is better to talk to the doctor about it. Some common side effects are:
*Light fever
*Fatigue or dizziness
*Diaherra, lack of appetite
*aching joints
* Sore throat

Consequently, some serious side effects are:

*High fever
*Crying for a long period

The safety concerns
Hepatitis A vaccine is very light and it is completely safe for the child. However, if your child is suffering from any serious disease, it is better to wait for the vaccination. As the popular saying goes “Prevention is better than cure.” So, it is always better to be a step ahead for your child’s health.

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