Why do baby cry right after the birth

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Why does the baby cry right after the birth

Having a baby is truly a wonderful feeling and blessing altogether. Every mother wishes to do her best to keep her baby safe and healthy. When it comes to a newborn all the first things are very important like the first smile, first crawl, and also the first cry. The first cry of the baby is a sign of many things. It is the first time that baby uses sound to convey its emotions. Therefore, it is very important for the mother to know more about the first cry of the baby. Baby’s first cry is the first communication between the baby and the mother. After spending time in the mother’s womb baby enters the real world, this is the time that baby cries for the first time. (Also read: Understand The Meaning Of Your Newborn Baby Crying)

Why the baby cries just after the birth?
When the baby enters the real world, it faces a change in environment. The womb is a warm, silent and comfortable place for the baby. Whereas the outside world is cold and strange for the baby. This is a major reason behind the newborn’s cry. Furthermore, when the baby lives in a womb, it didn’t need to use its own lungs to breathe, now in the outside world, the baby has to breathe on its own. (Also read:  Why is it important for the baby to take a burp)

This process is difficult for the baby, that why it cries. Actually, crying is good for the baby as due to crying the lungs get activated. Due to crying the amniotic fluid in lungs is removed. Furthermore, when a baby is born out of C-section then it doesn’t have any experience of the birth canal, in this case, it is important to remove the amniotic fluid. That is why the first cry of the baby is actually good for the baby.

What happens if the baby doesn’t cry?
The cry of the baby is due to its attempt to breathe on its own. If the newborn doesn’t cry then it is important to ask for doctor’s opinion. In early days the doctors used to smack baby to make it cry, but today they use a warm towel to massage the newborn and it makes the baby cry. However, in case this method fails then the baby might need an artificial pipe to breathe. (Also read: What are the causes of constipation in newborn and how it can be treated)

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