Which Healthy Foods You Should Provide To Your Baby While Teething

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What Are The Healthy Foods You Should Provide To Your Teething Baby

When your newborn baby starts teething, it becomes extremely painful for him/her. Between the period of 5-7 months, the firth tooth of your baby emerges from the gums. This causes extreme irritability, itching and pain to your newborn. So, teething time brings extreme discomfort to the baby. Thus, it is natural that being a parent you are worrying about your little one. Do not worry! Here we have come up with some healthy foods which help to soothe the symptoms of teething naturally. Have a look at the following and know about these foods. (Also Read: How To Treat Oral Thrush In Babies At Home)

Teething is the time when your baby needs to get introduced to weaning process and eat semi-solid foods. That is why providing mashed ripe banana can be a great option for him/her. It has fibres with sucrose, fructose and glucose. So, chewing ripe banana can help to sooth the pain.

Eating avocado can help to strengthen his/her teeth and gums. It even gives relief from the pain and struggles of teething. Moreover, it is a great food for your baby because it has Vitamin A and calcium. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Feeding Almond Milk To Babies)

You can provide small cubes of cheese and let your baby chew it gradually. The sticky nature of cheese will help to soothe the pain and it helps the little one to forget the pain and discomfort. Furthermore, cheese has protein and calcium which again help to strengthen the teeth and gums.

Yoghurt is great for your little one. It is even better when the baby is showing teething symptoms. Cold yoghurt helps to soothe the pain of teething and make him/her feel better. It is good for the gums too.

We all know that cucumber is a very cool and calming vegetable. When the baby suffers the itching while teething, he/she wants to chew something so that the irritation goes off. Hence, providing some cucumber slices to your little one can be good. The baby will chew it and get all the benefit of this healthy vegetable. (Also Read: What Are The Causes And Treatments Of Loss Of Appetite In Babies)

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