Which diaper is best for your baby cloth diaper or disposable diaper

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Which diaper is best for your baby cloth diaper or disposable diaper

New parents often confused about picking the best option for their baby. A newborn baby is really delicate so everything that is connected to it must be right. Due to this many times, it is important to make a decision to keep your baby healthy and happy. One of these decisions is picking the diaper for your baby. On the surface you have your choice, going for cloth diaper or the disposable ones. Diapers are really important for the baby care. Parents often feel confused as cloth diaper are the more traditional choice, but the disposable ones are more convenient. So, how to pick one? Let’s find out. (Also read: How to prepare your baby to move from breastfeeding to bottle feeding)

Cloth diaper
Cloth diapers are simply cloth based diaper designed to help you with baby’s exertion.

Advantages of cloth diapers
Cloth diapers are known for their reuse value. That means you can wash them and use them again, that is a money saver easily. And these diapers are soft against the baby’s skin. Simply speaking, it leads to a fewer rash. Also, cloth diapers are not exposed to any chemical stuff like the disposable ones.

Disadvantages of cloth diapers
You have to be more responsible while using cloth diapers as you have to keep them clean. You must wash them regularly and properly. Also, they are less absorbent than the disposable diaper. (Also read: Why do baby cry right after the birth)

Disposable diapers
As the name suggests they are ‘use and throw’ kind of diapers. They are made of synthetic disposable material. They should be used one time only.

Advantages of Disposable diapers
The biggest reason for the popularity of disposable diaper is they are very convenient. All you need to do is to throw them away after use. You don’t have to worry about washing them that means less trouble. They have great absorbency.

Disadvantages of disposable diaper
They are really expensive, you can’t reuse a disposable so you have to keep buying more. Disposable diapers are really bad for the environment as they are made of synthetic material. Also, the chemical used in them can be harmful to the baby. Last but not the least, they can lead to the diaper rash.  (Also read: What are ways that can help you to keep up with the twins)

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