When To Start Bathing The Newborn

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When To Start Bathing The Newborn Baby

Many parents wonder when to start bathing their new born baby. You can not bathe your baby right after the birth. The baby needs to stay warm during first few days. Usually, the nurse cleans and dry up the baby with a soft minimum warm towel. After washing the baby the nurse wraps the little one in a blanket. The doctors do not immediately hand over the baby to you after wrapping because it takes time to establish the baby temperature normal. This usually happens after 2-3 hours of birth. After coming to the right level of body heat in the baby, the nurse bathes the baby for the first time. This is how the regular day to day activity start in your baby’s life. (Also Read: Step-by-step guide to bath a newborn baby with care)

When to start giving the regular bath to the baby?
After bringing the little one home, you may think that the baby is too small to bear a regular bath. You are not wrong in any way but the fact is, baby needs to be clean. The baby will not get dirty until she starts crawling. So you do not really have to make your baby bath every day. Experts say that a bath two to three times a single week is good for the baby.

When To Start Bathing The Newborn Baby

However, many of you may like to bath the baby regularly. But make sure he does not get into a bucket full of water to take a bath. The recommended process for an everyday bath will be sponging and bathing. Regular water contraction can be harmful to the baby’s skin. Other than that, there may be chances to develop high cold and cough to the chest of the baby. You can massage the baby before bathing. (Also Read: Why pH Balance In Baby Soap Is Necessary)

What are the safety measures to be taken while bathing the baby?
If the weather is not going good or sunny, you should not take the risk of bathing the baby. You can clean her with wet wipes in that case. If she crawls on the floor then it would be necessary to give her a bath. In that case, definitely, use a baby soap to clean her. Always put your one hand to her neck and shoulder so that she stay straight at the bucket of water.

First, check the temperature of the water. Do not put warm water. It should be minimum warm. she may get too much interest in the water and may start crying after taking her out from the bucket. Try to make her stop and immediately wrap her in a towel. Use the baby special moisturiser to her body and face. If you are using a baby shampoo to clean her hand, then do not forget to dry up the head carefully and gently. (Also Read: 6 Important Things You Should Know About Your Newborn Baby)

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