When Can The Baby Eat The Dairy Products

When Can The Baby Eat Diary Products

As your baby grows day by day, you may be thinking when to provide dairy product to him. If it’s been a while that your baby is on your break milk only and he is now crossing 6 months, you should gradually think about the weaning process. As milk products are full of protein, calcium and vitamins, your baby needs these components now. Hence, to clear your confusion, we have come up with some dairy products details and how much to provide. Hope this will help you. (Also Read: How to Treat Breathing Problems in Babies)

Yoghurt or curd:
You can provide yoghurt to your baby when he will become 8 months old. But make sure none of the family members of your side and your spouse’s side has a milk allergy. Yoghurt can provide a lot of nutrients to the baby and make his immune system stronger too. These nutrients are calcium, fat, protein, potassium etc. Other than that it provides vitamin D and simplifies the protein formulas inside your baby’s body.

If your baby does not have a milk allergy you can provide cheese to your little one when he turns eight months and above. As you can not provide pasta and pizza to him, you can make healthy food items out of it. If you provide meat to him, add some Shred cheese over it. Other than that provide chose to his veggies and soft bread cramps. (Also Read: What Are The Various Uses of Coconut Oil For Baby)

Cow milk:
The fact is, cow milk is not much recommended for the little babies. You can provide this when he crosses 12 months. Cow milk can cause dehydration, iron deficiency, and severe allergies in case of the very little babies.

If you want, you can provide paneer to your little one when he turns 8-10 months. Paneer provides calcium, energy and a lot of proteins. In fact, babies love panner too. Here also you have to make sure your baby does not have milk allergies. Do not fry the paneer pieces. Provide him with the raw paneer with his soft bread cramps or with fragmented Roti pieces. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Can Provide Your Kids To Fall Asleep)

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