What type of allergies a newborn baby is prone to get

What are the various types of allergies that a newborn baby is prone to

Even the newborn babies are prone to various types of allergies. Running nose, sudden rashes on the skin, redness of the skin, diarrhoea, etc. can suggest a prevailing allergy in the body of a newborn baby. The symptoms of allergy are usually temporary and are treatable. When the immune system of the body can’t fight against the foreign particles, it often makes the human body allergic. And sometimes it is a result of an inappropriate response sent by the body to these bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The production of antibodies by the immune system to fight against the foreign particles often lead to bring some changes in the body like cold, breathing issues, rashes on the body, etc. (Also read: How to help your baby to sit independently)

Besides this, sometimes, allergy is hereditary too. If the parents are allergic to certain type of food or thing, there is a high possibility of the baby being allergic to that as well.

Here are some of the most common allergies that the newborn baby is prone to suffer with:

Upper respiratory tract: There is a thin line of difference between common cold and allergy. Allergies are usually temporary and show a slight difference. The baby suffers from anaphylaxis when the airways of the baby swell up. It becomes difficult for the baby to breath or swallows. You must take your child to the doctor.

Eye infection: Be it a newborn baby or a grown up elder, eye allergies are very common. Conjunctivitis or the redness of eyes is either due to the virus or some allergy. Redness of eyes and sticky discharge from the eyes. So, you should immediately see your doctor. Besides this, if the baby constantly rubs his eyes and has watery eyes then it also suggests allergic infection in the eyes. (Also read: Some Important Baby Safety Tips You May Not Know)

Skin: Rashes or redness of the skin is common in newborn babies. Skin allergies like dermatitis, eczema, dry flaky skin etc. are very common in a newborn baby. Rashes on the face, arms, legs can also be the reason for a particular type of cloth that the baby must be wearing. Sometimes even the soaps and detergents also cause allergy on the skin of a newborn baby.

Stomach: Stomach infection is common in a newborn baby. They might intake something harmful into their mouth. In fact, it can also be due to weather changes or a child’s allergy to a particular food ingredient. One must seek the help of a doctor immediately to provide relief to the baby. Vomiting, loose motions, etc. can be the probable symptoms for the same. (Also read: What Are The Signs Babies Gives Us By Rubbing Their Eyes)

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