What To Do When Your Baby Swallows A Coin

What To Do When Your Baby Swallows A Coin

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Growing from an infant to a baby, your child undergoes many phases wherein, he tries to experience a lot of things. He crawls on the floor, eats dust, licks on slippers, plays with clothes and so on. You do enjoy watching these activities of your kid but beware, because these little incidents can even harm your child. Often you must have noticed that the child tries to eat whatever comes in his hand and the condition becomes threatening when there is a coin, a pebble, phenyl balls or some foreign particles. Therefore, an immediate remedy to it is required.

Symptoms That The Child Has Swallowed Coin:

When the child swallows a coin or any other object he may feel difficulty in breathing and gulp anything. The excess saliva comes out of his mouth. The child may convey this to you by crying severely, he may even suffer from neck choking and chest pain. He can continuously cough and can even vomit.

What To Do When Your Baby Swallows A Coin
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Immediate Action:

To get the coin out of the mouth, pat on your baby’s back and try to make him vomit. Make child eat anything to push the coin downwards. Feed the child with enough water to ease the condition.

The coin when consumed gets stuck to the digestive tract hence, it takes 2-3 days to come out in the form of stool. Make your child eat bananas as it will increase the food movement inside. However, if the coin does not come out within 48 hours, a medical help then is utmost required. Even if your child has become easy still the removal of the coin is necessary from the body. Visit the doctor and get the necessary treatment done. Do not do self-medication moreover, if you find the condition worsening just after the child has swallowed coin, take him to the doctor immediately.


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