What Is The Right Time To Feed Water To Baby

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When Is The Right Time To Feed Water To The Baby

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You might be a bit confused that when would you start to feel water to the baby. It will be best if your baby doesn’t drink water till he turns 6 months old. Up to 6 months, the baby gets all the hydration from the breast milk. But as the baby starts growing, the need for the nutrition and minerals also increase. Many people will advise you to start feeding water. But do not get confused as your baby is getting all his/her important nutrients from the breast milk. So, when is the right time to provide water to the baby? Let us find out here: (Also Read: Tips To Provide Proper Nutrition To Your Newborn And Toddler)

The new borns:
When it comes to your new born baby, your breast milk is the ultimate solution for his hunger and health. Your breast milk contains all the vital nutrients which your baby is needed. Even 88 percent of your breast milk is loaded with water. It is enough for your baby to stay hydrated. Remember one thing that, the more you breastfeed your baby, the more you will produce the milk. So, there will be no need of water lack for your baby till the time you are breast feeding him/her well.

The baby till 3 months:
Infants do not need water from the time of the birth for the first three months. Feeding too much of water can cause a lot of problems like oral water intoxication. This can affect the baby’s brain quickly. Moreover, extra water consumption can make your baby’s belly stay full for a longer time, which is not good for the health of the baby. (Also Read: What Is Gripe Water For Babies And How Does It Work)

4 months to 6 months baby:
This is not a bad time to feed water to the baby. But not advisable. You baby is still drinking your breast milk so, he/she is well hydrated by this only. All the important nutrients and minerals he is getting through the milk. Although, babies who are on milk formula, may take few amount of water in a day. That too in the hot and dry weather.

Babies Above 6 month:
Now your baby is capable to intake some water. He/she might take some sips of water a couple of times in a day. If your baby has started to take solid foods, it is important to provide some water along with it. It is important even if your baby is on breastfeeding too. But do not provide excess water as there will be a risk to vomit out everything. (Also Read: Tips To Take Care Of A Premature Baby Or A Preemie)

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