What Is The Right Time To Brush Your Baby’s Teeth

What Is The Right Time To Brush Your Baby's Teeth

You must be thinking when to start brushing the tiny teeth of your baby. But it is a little bit tricky job to do as your baby’s gum is as delicate as his entire mouth. So, brushing the teeth of your baby is a tough task. But the most important question is when to start this? As soon your baby’s teeth are growing almost half the way, you should start brushing them. The teeth care should start from this age only. Hence, let us know some details about it in the following. (Also Read: When To Start Bathing The Newborn)

When is the right time:
Usually, babies start getting their little teeth when they turn 6-7 months. So, when they start getting the teeth, you can start brushing them quite gently. But, it is better to wait till the teeth come out near half the way. However, the general oral care should start from an early age. You may not brush the teeth but you have to be well aware of how to do entire mouth care. You have to massage your baby’s gum with a washcloth to keep his mouth bacteria free.

What Is The Right Time To Brush Your Baby's Teeth

How To Brush Your Baby’s Teeth:
First of all, you have to maintain a regular schedule to brush your baby’s teeth. Do not forget to clean and brush his mouth and teeth twice a day. Once you have to brush in the morning and the second is before bed. You can brush the baby’s teeth at night after nursing too. Here are some tips on brushing the baby teeth:
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1. It is natural that your little one cannot sit properly this time, so hold him properly from the back and make a good grip to brush his teeth. But if the baby is more than a year old, then make him sit with his head tilted slightly back. Try to let him hold the brush and get the grip to do it on his own.

What Is The Right Time To Brush Your Baby's Teeth

2. Now, put the brush at a 45-degree angle to the teeth and let the bristles touch the edges of his teeth.

3. The way you brush your teeth, the same way you have to brush the baby’s teeth in a circular motion. Do the same from the back too.

4. You have to take a very less amount of toothpaste in the first year. Hence, there is no such need to rinse it off. You can just sprinkle some water to his mouth. By doing this, you will help the fluoride of toothpaste to strengthen the gums and growing teeth. (Also Read: How To Help Your Baby To Stand and Walk For The First Time)

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