What are ways that can help you to keep up with the twins

What are ways that can help you to keep up with the twins

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Twins mean the double dose of cuteness, the double dose of happiness and twice the amount of motherly bliss. However, having twins also mean double the responsibilities as well. At times it might appear overwhelming for the mother, but with right tricks and help it gets easier. It is fairly difficult to find time for yourself when you are taking care of the kids. Here are the important things to keep in mind while taking care of the twin. (Also read: Some Important Baby Safety Tips You May Not Know)

Keep your physical and mental health in check
For healthy twins, it is just that the mother should also maintain her physical and mental well-being. Maintain a proper diet routine and make time for exercise as well. However, whenever you find the spare time use it wisely.

Keep the twins on the same schedule
Try to maintain the same routine for the little ones. It will save you from lots of frustration. If they have the same schedule for sleeping and eating then it can be easy for you to find time to relax. Putting them on the same schedule means finding a way to nurse them together as well. This practice helps the twins to bond with each other from the beginning itself. (Also read: How To Take Care Of Twin Babies)

 Alternate the holding time
Twins often fuss about the lack of attention they receive. Every newborn wants his or her mother’s total and undistracted attention. Which is why it is important to juggle the holding time seriously. You can hold one kid and put the other one in the play area near you. Then, you can pick the other one. This will help the kids to gain sufficient attention from their mother.

Ask for help
Taking care of twins can be a laborious task for the mother. So, it is better for the mother to seek help from any possible source. Try to divide the task evenly between your family member so that you can take out time for yourself. It will help you to re-energize.  So, don’t be afraid to put the father of the babies on the diaper duty every now and then. (Also read: What Are The Factors Responsible Behind Happy And Healthy Babies)

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