What Are The Things Most New Parents Do Wrong To Their Baby

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What Are The Things Most New Parents Do Wrong To Their Baby

Welcome to a new life. Finally, your baby has arrived with a lot of delightful moments and happiness. It is true that you are facing some problems with the baby as your caring hands are still immature. From letting the baby sleep to making him take the burp, there are many things new parents should know about to make their baby’s health better. Even if you know about these things, there are some certain tricks and techniques you must apply to make your baby stay comfortable and to break down your nervousness. Hence, have a look the followings and be aware of these things which smart parents know. (Also Read: Four Common Baby Sleep Mistakes You Should Avoid)

Awaking the baby up to feed him:
If your baby is sleeping for a long time, let him do so. You may think that he has not had milk for a long time, so let’s just wake him up. Do not do it to your baby. There is a very common myth people know that breast milk is not thick enough make the baby sleep with enough nutrients. So, most parents let the baby wake up in the middle of their sleep. It is not true your baby is getting enough nutrient from his mother. His sleep is more important than making him wake up for food.

Baby sleeping mistakes:
This is the most common mistakes parents make while letting the baby sleep. Many women let her baby sleep in their crib and put a lot of items inside of the crib. You may not know that the baby is not happy with all these items. He gets irritated and may be in your unawareness the baby can put anything in their mouth. Not only this, many parents lie the baby to their chest or on the belly. This is also not a good idea. It can make your baby’s stomach push up which may lead to vomiting. So, learn the right techniques of sleeping the baby and remember not to keep the baby lie upside down. (Also Read: What Is Gripe Water For Babies And How Does It Work)

Ignoring oral care:
Many parents ignore the oral care of the baby. They think that until the time the baby does not grow his teeth it is not important. But you must be forgetting that your baby is still depending on the breast milk which contains a lot of nutrients and a white liquid which develops a white patch inside their mouth. So, in the morning, wrap a soft cotton cloth on your 1st finger and revolve it around the baby’s mouth. This process helps the baby to clean his mouth.

Putting the thermometer in the mouth:
Many parents use the thermometer to the baby’s mouth. It is not at all safe and a good practice. The most accurate way to check the body temperature of the baby is putting the thermometer in the baby’s armpits. Putting the device in the baby’s mouth can spread bacteria to his mouth easily. No matter how carefully you clean it. You always have to be careful about the safety and hygiene while nursing the little one. (Also Read: Essential Hygiene Tips For Your Newborn Baby)

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