What Are The Signs Babies Gives Us By Rubbing Their Eyes

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What Are The Signs Babies Give Us By Rubbing Their Eyes

It is quite adorable to watch a baby rubbing his eyes with such tiny fingers. Babies often do it. It sometimes seems like they are sleepy, sometimes upset or about to cry. Babies have various gestures to express their feelings. But amongst all the signs, rubbing eyes are the most common sign they show. If you think that this is nothing but a simple gesture of a baby, you are wrong. Babies do let you know many things by rubbing their eyes. Want to know the signs? Read here:
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When she feels tired:
The first and foremost obvious reason of rubbing eyes is the baby feels sleepy and tired. When we stretch our muscles to get over the stiffness of a long time, we feel tired and sleepy. The same way babies rub their eyes to tell us about their condition. However, babies do yawning, get cranky or cry to let us know that they feel sleepy. Still rubbing eyes comes with a certain determine sign which comes under tiredness and drowsiness.

Dry Eyes:
When a baby feels her eye sare dry, she rubs them to get a clear vision. Rubbing eyes leads to tearing and moistens dry eyes. If the little one is up for a little longer time, her eyes may start getting dry. It is not anything serious. It is your baby’s general instinct to rub the eyes to get a better vision. (Also Read: Tips To Provide Proper Nutrition To Your Newborn And Toddler)

There is something in the eyes:
The baby will definitely rub the eyes if there is something inside the eyes. It is a natural human instinct to touch the ear of the body where something unusual happens. May be your baby has touched dust and then touched her eyes too. That is why there may be irritation of his eyes. Other than that eyelash, or dried mucus can irritate his eyes and force him to rub them deliberately.

Painful or itchy:
There may be possibilities that he is feeling itchy and painful because of many types of infection or bacteria attacks. There may be swollen eyes and reddish look. He may feel feverish too. These all can happen if your baby is suffering from an eyes infection. (Also Read: What Is Gripe Water For Babies And How Does It Work)

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