What Are The Important Tips To Increase Your Baby’s Weight

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What Are The Important Tips To Increase Your Baby's Weight

The newborn babies are extremely delicate. They require utmost care and attention for their proper growth and development. The length and weight of the baby determine on the kind of diet mother took on her nine months pregnancy journey. Some babies are of good weight, however, some are weak by birth and require proper nutrition to increase their weight. Thus, if your child is too weak and weighs low, you need not worry. Read below the important tips to increase your baby’s weight.

Coconut Oil:

Use of coconut oil while preparing your baby’s food is great if you want them to gain weight. After few months of birth, you allow the baby to feed something. Hence, prepare those light meals with coconut oil which is also good for health.

Cow Milk:

Breastfeeding is important for babies till they are one year old. However, if you plan to switch or as an alternative, you can feed them with cow milk. The cow milk has nutrients which are essential for babies and also it helps the baby to increase weight.

Sweet Potato:

The sweet potato is extremely nutritious and easy to make. You can feed your baby with a mashed potato which can calm its hunger and can also help to gain weight.


The natural ghee has a lot of benefits. It has good fat which can increase the baby’s weight. Consuming ghee is good for the newborn baby’s health. You can add a spoon of ghee in your child’s food regularly.


Nuts like almonds, cashew and walnuts have proteins, calcium, fibre, magnesium and so on which are vital for baby’s growth. Besides this, nuts also help in weight gain. It gives the kid energy enhancing the physical development. You can feed them with nuts powder or can add the same in milk or food.

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