What are the important tips for bathing your baby during winters

What are the important tips of bathing your baby during winters

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A newborn baby needs extra care during winters. While it is extremely cold outside, the parents are usually worried about the frequency of bathing a newborn child. Well, too much bathing and on regular basis during winters might make your baby more prone to catching infection and cold. Thus, most parents struggle to decide whether they should bath their baby daily or not. However, they might not bathe their baby, they still are worried about the hygiene of the baby, thus try to make them bath daily. Well, in that case, you need to know certain facts about the newborn baby’s skin and should avoid making them bath daily during winters. (Also read: What are the healthy food items for a seven-month-old baby)

What are the important tips for bathing your baby during winters?

  • Most of the parents are worried about the hygiene of their baby, thus want to ensure that they make them bath daily. However, parents should understand that it is not the case. After every pee and poop, parents usually dry clean their baby, thus daily bathing them is not necessary.
  • Moreover, the skin of the newborn baby is quite sensitive. Over bathing and exposure to chemical products affect their skin a lot.
  • Besides the same, bathing a baby in warm water leaves the skin dry and makes it more prone to damage. There is no point in damaging your baby’s skin unnecessarily. (Also read: What are the essential winter care tips for a newborn baby)
  • One must bath a baby once in every three days. This will help to keep the baby warm and will also save the skin of the baby.
  • Ensure that the water is not too warm that it burns the skin of the baby.
  • Always turn on the heater of the room, so that baby does not get exposed to the cold weather during that time.
  • Make sure all the clothes and the towel of the baby is ready. Immediately cover up your baby after the bath to ensure warmth to the baby.
  • Do not use harsh chemical products, instead use natural oils and body wash that does not harm the skin of the baby.
  • Always make sure that you moisturise the skin of the baby after the bath. Warm water turns the skin dry and extracts the natural oil from the skin. Thus, baby skin needs moisturising.
  • Yes, bathing is necessary to maintain the hygiene of the baby. But too much of it might affect your baby’s health and skin in a worse manner. So be cautious while you bath your baby. (Also read: Why does a baby cry while pooping)
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