What are the hygiene tips for baby’s bottles

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what are the hygiene tips for baby bottles

Babies are very sensitive, so they need extra care. They are more prone to infections and diseases. Every little thing related to the baby should be taken care of seriously, whether it is anything to eat or play with. Do not forget to clean the baby’s bottle well before feeding them milk or water, because the bottle contains dirt, bacteria and germs that can be harmful to your baby’s health. If you will not take care of the health of your baby then it may cause some serious health problem. (Also read: Which home remedies help to get rid of rashes on the baby’s neck)

Let’s know about the hygiene tips for baby’s bottles.

Wash bottle with hot water
Before feeding milk or water to the baby in a bottle, wash it well with warm water. This will destroy the bacteria and germs that erupts in it and do not harm your baby’s body. Wash the nipple of the bottle with warm water too.

Do not keep the milk in a bottle for a long time
It is not necessary that your baby consumes all milk from the bottle. In such a situation, you should not store that milk in a bottle and not give it to your baby afterwards because it contains bacteria and it also starts stinking. (Also read: Which foods you should serve to infants after they start self-eating)

Keep the bottle dry
The wet bottle can easily accumulate bacteria and germs. So whenever you wash the bottle, with hot water or with cold water, then dry it with clean clothing. This will eliminate all kind of odour from the bottle.

Do not warm the bottle in the microwave
If you want to heat the bottle, then heat it with hot water. Microwave breaks down nutrients in the milk and also the plastic bottle when heated releases chemicals.

Check the quality of a bottle   
If you are buying a plastic bottle for your baby, then check its quality. Make sure that before giving the milk or water in a new bottle, you wash it well with hot water. (Also read: Why it is important to pay attention to newborn’s sippy cup and toys)

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