What Are The Foods You Can Feed Your Baby With While You Stop Breastfeeding

What Are The Foods You Can Feed Your Baby While You Stop Breastfeeding

As you little angel is growing day by day, you have to think about his nutrient supplements. In the initial stage, you have given your breastmilk to him which contains all the important nutrients he needs. But as he is now above six months, you have to start the weaning process for growth and strength. This is a quite crucial time for you as you have to stop breastfeeding gradually and have to practise him to eat other foods. Many new mothers get confused about what to feed and what not. Hence, we have come up with some information about this. Have a look at the following and get to know what are the foods you can feed your baby when you decide to stop breastfeeding. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Should Never Feed To Your Baby)

Fruits are pure and nutritious. Your baby can have fruits and can easily digest them. The nutrients present in fruits can help his body to get the strength. It also makes your baby healthy. But make sure you provide the ripped fruits which can easily get into his food pipe. You can try giving mango, orange, avocado etc.

Fruit juice:
If you try to help your baby to drink fruit juice, it can be an amazing supplement to your breast milk. Fruit juice can be even great because your baby does not have to chew it. He will directly swallow it. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits For Babies)

Soup is an amazing healthy drink. Your little one cannot eat veggies. But you can make soups out of all the good veggies. By drinking this, your baby will get all the nutrients and he will gradually develop his taste buds too.

Rice: You can provide mashed rice to your baby. Indian families are used to of eating rice and dal. You can also make boiled daal and mix it with mashed rice. Rice and daal can provide carbohydrate, fibre, folate, protein etc. to the baby.

Dairy product:
You can provide dairy products to the baby. Dairy products can amazingly increase the bone strength of the baby. You can provide milk, cottage cheese to him. But make sure, your baby is above an year old. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the baby to digest these products. (Also Read: What Are The Things Most New Parents Do Wrong To Their Baby)

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