What Are The Facts About Newborn Babies Which Can Make You Uncomfortable

What Are The Facts About Newborn Babies Which Can Make You Uncomfortable

Kids are the most precious gift from God which one can receive. Entering into the parenthood is a different feeling. The new mom and dad get extremely excited as soon as the birth time of the baby arrives. However, the parents-to-be needs to be careful and know some facts about their baby before he arrives. There are some nasty facts about newborn kids which can make you uncomfortable. Thus, to keep yourself ready, take a thorough read below on the facts about newborn babies and be prepared.

Babies Use Leftover Blood In Umbilical Cord:

The umbilical cord binds the mother and baby together. It is through the umbilical cord that the baby gets all the vital nutrients and oxygen. When the umbilical cord is cut after the birth of your child, some amount of blood still remains there. Hence, the baby utilises that blood too even after the birth.

Vomit Right After Birth:

While the tender one is inside the womb, its lungs are filled with amniotic fluid. When they take birth, they expel this liquid out to breathe in air which comes out as vomiting right after birth.

First Poop Is Weird:

The first poop of your baby can make you horrified. It is black in colour which has amniotic fluid, bile, lanugo and skin cells. The first poop is generally after the breastfeeding which gradually transforms colour to green and then yellow.

They Have Cheesy Covering To Their Body:

Children right after birth have a sticky surface which may trouble you. However, this yellow-white covering acts as a protection against germs. It keeps your baby hydrated when it is inside the women. The cheesy layer is a coating of vernix caseosa.

Therefore, before your baby arrives, stay prepared to observe all these facts as there are all natural and for the good health of your baby!

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