What Are The Factors Responsible Behind Happy And Healthy Babies

What Are The Factors Responsible Behind Happy And Healthy Babies

When a baby comes to your life you suddenly realise a lot of responsibilities. A baby is like a clay whom you have to sculpt in a right and healthy manner. Parents should be more responsible for the mental and physical health of the babies. That is why parents have to know and behave accordingly which a baby mind can take positively. A baby mostly wants his parents around. So, work accordingly. We know that your life has a lot of challenges and impossibilities, but after giving birth to a baby, he becomes your main priority. Hence, let us know what are the ways you can raise healthy and happy babies. (Also Read: 6 Important Things You Should Know About Your Newborn Baby)

Spend time together:
So simple—but so critically important. Life for most parents these days is over-scheduled and hectic. Do your best to create time for laughter, looking into your child’s face, and marvelling at her growth. Take a deep breath, and slow down. These moments will never come again, and they are a precious investment in your child’s well-being.

Touch gently:
One of the simplest ways to nurture connection is with loving touch. Offer (and accept) hugs and kisses. Use bath time, diapering, and other routine tasks to massage your child’s skin, to stroke him gently, and to send the message of love and caring. When your child is upset, a touch may speak more clearly than words; a hand on his shoulder or ruffling his hair says, “I’m here and I care about you” without the necessity of words. Wordless snuggles can speak volumes about the depth of your connection to your child. (Also Read: When To Start Bathing The Newborn)

Listen with your full attention:
When your child wants to tell you something, do your best to tune in. Put down the knife you’re using to chop vegetables; turn off your smartphone. Get down on your child’s level, make eye contact, and smile. At the end of the day, you can ask your child to share with you his happiest moment of the day and his saddest moment of the day; then you can share yours with him.

Play together:
Most parents are good at taking children places where they can play; they’re less good at playing themselves. Children are whole-body learners. They experience their world through their senses, and getting messy together may be one of the best experiences you can share. Let your child take the lead; follow her cues about how to play. Even video games can build connection if you let your child be the teacher, but cardboard boxes, mud, paint, and blocks may be even better. (Also Read: Are Organic Foods Better For The Babies)

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