What Are The Best Ways to Wean Children Off Thumb Sucking Habit

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What Are The Best Ways to Wean Children Off Thumb Sucking Habit

When it comes to the health and happiness of the little baby, everyone becomes extremely attentive. Even the little habits of a baby become a cause of worry. One of such habits is sucking the thumb. For most babies, it is a source of comfort and helps to calm them down. However, sometimes this habit continues with time and turns into a problem. When your baby doesn’t let go of thumb sucking addiction even with age it is important to take corrective measures. This habit can be really harmful to the dental development of the child and it is important to avoid this problem. (Also read: What are the health benefits of feeding spinach to the child)

Why sucking the thumb is bad for the baby?
When the baby is used to sucking the thumb he or she is inviting the dental problems. Due to the habit of sucking the thumb the sides of the upper jaw and the soft tissue on the roof of the mouth are badly affected. This leads to improper dental development.

How to wean off the child sucking thumb?

Don’t be aggressive towards the child
It is a mistake most parents make. When you try to coerce your child into doing anything, it won’t last for long. So, don’t be aggressive towards the child or hope that fear will control him or her.  (Also read: How to connect emotionally with your baby)

Stop it little by little
Start by limiting the time your child spends on sucking the thumb. Don’t try to stop it all at once as the child might turn restless. Start small, like ask him or her to limit the thumb sucking during the nap time.

Talk to him or her in a creative manner
People underestimate the importance of talking to a child. Try to use toys and cartoon characters to make him or her understand your point.

Don’t use chillis or bitter things
It is cruel towards a child if you cover the thumb with bitter or spicy stuff to stop him or her. Don’t do that. (Also read: Which diaper is best for your baby cloth diaper or disposable diaper)

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