What Are The Bad Breastfeeding Habits That Hurt Your Baby

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What Are The Bad Breastfeeding Habits That Hurt Your Baby

New mothers generally face many problems with the newborn. From bathing the baby to feeding milk, the mother experiences many difficulties for the first time. Breastfeeding may sound an easy task to do, but trust us, it requires some technique. From holding the baby properly to making him latch on properly, there are many things to watch for. That is why many newborn mothers unknowingly make various breastfeeding habits which are bad for the babies. Thus, we are going to discuss these bad habits which hurt the baby. Have a look! (Also Read: Which Healthy Foods You Should Provide To Your Baby While Teething)

Not holding the baby’s head up:
It is important to hold your baby’s head up while breastfeeding. It will not choke him/her while drinking the milk. Otherwise, newborn babies are quite efficient in spiting up the milk. Holding its head up ensures the milk get inside its stomach.

Not giving enough time to feed:
You should always try giving some extra time to your baby while breastfeeding. You never know your baby was not able to latch on the milk properly. That is why giving the baby some extra time is much important. If you are in hurry, your baby will not get enough nutrients which he/she actually needs. (Also Read: How To Treat Oral Thrush In Babies At Home)

Distraction while feeding:
A mother realises how beautifully she can make a bond with her baby while breastfeeding. It is a time to connect both of your minds and talk. But, if you miss this connection and keep yourself busy on your smartphone, it will distract your baby brain development.

Applying pressure to the breasts:
Never do anything which makes you pressurise your breasts to secrete milk. Do not wear very tight clothes, this will make your milk ducts clogged. This may lead to breast infection as well. Also, ensure that you do not sleep in a prone position which makes you apply pressure.

The habit of drinking Alcohol:
Dear mother, if you have the habit of drinking alcohol, it will not only affect your health but it will be harmful to your little one too. In fact, it will harm your baby more than you. Alcohol minimises the effect of nutrients present in your milk.  (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Feeding Almond Milk To Babies)

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