Which home remedies help to get rid of rashes on the baby’s neck

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What are home remedies for treating rashes on the baby's neck

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The skin of a newborn baby is very sensitive. Therefore, it is very important to take care of their skin, otherwise, they may have skin problems like rashes and reddish skin. The problem of rashes often occurs on the newborn’s neck, elbows and thighs. These rashes on the neck make your baby uncomfortable. The rashes on the neck of the newborn is a result of infection caused by fungus. Apart from this, there can be many reasons for the rashes of the children’s neck. (Also read: Which foods you should serve to infants after they start self-eating)

Let’s know few effective home remedies to treat the rashes of newborn’s neck:

Massage with coconut oil
Coconut oil contains Vitamin E and also contains anti-microbial properties. Massaging with coconut oil on the skin of the child helps to remove the infections and eliminates rashes.

Keep cleanliness
One of the main reason for fungus is uncleanliness. So try to look after the baby’s hygiene. Bath the baby daily and keep the house clean. (Also read:  What are the things to keep in mind when babies start eating with hands)

Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera gel is considered a natural remedy. This is suitable for the use of small child’s skin because it has no side effects. It contains natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. It reduces the skin’s rashes and itching.

Use a lotion and moisturizer
The child’s skin is fragile. In such a situation, rashes can make them very uncomfortable. So consult the doctor and use the given lotion and moisturizer on your child’s skin.

Do not allow the clothes to be wet
After the bath, wipe the child properly with a towel. Apart from this, sometimes excessive sweating also causes rashes. To avoid this, do not let sweating accumulate on your child’s skin and keep them clean. (Also read: Why it is important to pay attention to newborn’s sippy cup and toys)

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